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Without words

Dionis Escorsa The skin of sound

Music's Skin
La piel de la música

It is a very thin skin that covers the difference between sound and music. Between external noise and interpretation. It is this skin that separates the objective from the subjective, the natural from the artificial, the real from its representation.

Una piel muy sutil viste la diferencia entre el sonido y la música. Entre el ruido externo y la interpretación. Es la piel que separa lo objetivo de lo subjetivo, lo natural de lo artificial, lo real de su representación.

Direction, script, camera, edition: Dionis Escorsa
With: Patricia Maeser.

2014 · 14 min 


Oberhausen Kurzfilm festival · Germany
CRAC Alsace · France
"Remote Conflicts - Interchangeable Scenes" Curated by Arto Ushan · Neu West Berlin · Berlin
Flux Club · Curated by Lis Costa and Josep Maria Jordana · Antic Teatre · Barcelona